Monday, April 1, 2013

Russian Attitude

I hope everybody had a fabulous Easter! Our's was just fine, aside from a couple little annoyances. Just read my sister's blog, lol! I really wanted to write yesterday and talk about some sort of historical fact about Easter. However, I decided against that. No need to start bringing up politics and religion again, lol.

What is weird is the slap in my face each year that I am not the younger generation anymore. This year was especially strange because of the lack of children who wanted to/were there to participate. My daughters were the only ones. My nephew, Kaden, is way too cool for that stuff now.

Anyway, I have made good on my predicition that The Brothers Karamazov would captivate my attention way more than the previous, unfinished book. 70 pages in and I am further in like 3 days than I ever even got with The Religious Case. Yes, I know that they are quite different by every characteristic plausible, but I am still going to be happy with my choice to switch books.

I would not be surprised if most people reading this book would have felt a little bored by the first chapter in which Dostoyevsky is obviously helping the reader to get know the characters. This is a quality of a rich storyline, I think, thus it did not bore me... confuse me a couple of times, yes, but not bore!

I am reading now about the meeting with the Elder Father Zossima and the only reason I have stopped is because that damn-real world kickes in again. The dialogue is so smooth and just full of emotion and even a sort of mini-climax at each one.

I know that my blog so far is... let's say, lacking in some basic functions. I have my sister helping me with that.

Enjoy your April Fools Day...whichever theory of origin you believe it to come from!

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