Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mi and Yu

Okay... I tried SO hard to not post again until I had finished the book but considering that it is a 940 page book and I have to deal with this damn real-world, I have to bow my head in defeat again. I dedicated basically the entire weekend (as in free time) to reading and I am still only on page 758. Yes, this is quite a jump from the last post, yet it is not my final. I am going to refuse to speak much about the unfolding plot as of now, though because we are at crucial timing for sudden diversions and topsy-turvy findings. All I can say is that the only reason that The Brothers Karamazov still holds a bookmark has nothing to do with my lack of interest, but rather chores, children, hurt husbands, etc etc.

As anyone who knows me for a few minutes can confirm, I love animals. I especially love big dogs and little lizards. Yesterday, we introduced two new members into the Wild family (yes this really is my last name). After much deliberation towards names- including Abe and Mary, Mitya and Katya, Jack and Sally, Elvis and Priscilla, as well as Yin and Yang and Hong Se and Ping Gua- the names of our new Horned Mountain Dragons ended up being Mi and Yu (pronounced Me and You- congrats to the hubbie for coming up with it from this funny movie scene).

Here are some pictures of these gorgeous creatures!

 This is Yu, the female

This is Mi, the male

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  1. There're . . . . Cute peeps! Good pictures though!