Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I Cannot Help It... I Think I Have A New Addiction

I knew that being without a job was going to affect this blog...

I am on page 341. This book is very seductive. lol. I mean, it gets me in the mood to read it quite easily. I haven't read a fiction novel for recreational reasons since I was a teenager... like a young teenager. I think probably around 14-15. However, before then, I was a bookworm! I remember going to friends' houses and sneaking in a read whenever I could. Sometimes that would happen blatantly in front of my best of friends! No wonder I didn't have any friends as a kid...

Anyway. Colorado is in the news today with the dramatic drop in temperatures (like 50 degrees F within hours). Thus, it is a snow day for my daughters (which means a lazy day for me, too). They are having a "Land Before Time" Marathon and I am reading. After all:

Some ECards quote

I really feel like I am getting to the climax of this book. Between Alyosha rushing back to the monastery, no contact with Dmitri, Ivan leaving to Moscow, Smerdyakov's epileptic fit, the dad being left alone, Father Zossima's final moments (I am here right now), there is definitely a change in the speed in which the plot is unfolding. I am not sure I can handle the suspense! You may be lol-ing that, but anyone who knows me also knows that I do indeed loathe suspense.

I actually want to continue reading and probably will for a majority of the day so tomorrow's update (yea, I am starting to get into the rhythm of this) could conclude this fabulous novel and begin a new book... whether or not I pick another fiction work is kind of up in the air right now, I am enjoying it so much! I do have some great non-fictions I can't wait to dive into either, though.

Do many of you who enjoy non-fiction also enjoy fiction? I do not know very many people who enjoy the same genres as me, but I don't think I'm that weird... am I?

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