Friday, April 5, 2013

And Just Like That...!

Page 193... this is the beginning of Part II. We have just witnessed an interesting ineraction between Alyosha, Katerina, and Grushenka- mainly the latter two. I can't help but think just how completely taboo a conversation like this would be in our society/era. Grushenka basically bitch-slapped Katerina (pardon the language, it will happen more often than not).

Imagine that same conversation, fitted to an American 2013 model. Can you imagine something like this happening?! In all honesty, this is some of the most intriguing disparities between the genres of written work. I have mentioned before that I read way more non-fiction than fiction, so maybe I am especially sensitive, but wow! I would love to here what others think!

In other news, I found I Ching at work yesterday and have added it to my "pile" of books that could possibly go home with me in a distant paycheck... I am fairly certain that I do not own it already. Is that bad? Not knowing if you own such a significant book? Sigh, book lovers we are.

I don't know how much people will care to see pictures on this blog- it is kind of hard to find appropriate ones that aren't a book cover or such. But, nonetheless, I am thinking about finding some cool pictures to add. Yea or Nah?

Hope everyone has another gorgeous Spring day!

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