Saturday, March 30, 2013

"I Survived" and an Easter

I wasn't going to write today being that tomorrow is Easter and I didn't think that I would have time/energy/interest but as I was cleaning the house for guests tomorrow, I was inspired.

The only time I really watch t.v. is when- 1. my husband is watching something and I want to be near him; or 2. I am doing some chore that lets me multitask. Today, the second option came up. I was folding laundry and so I put on one of my favorite prerecorded shows, "I Survived". Has anyone seen this show before? As much of a scaredy-cat as I am, something about this show captivates me.

The episode was on a specific hostage situation in Bogota, Colombia. Three Americans (two interviewed) were working with the American and Colombian governments to extract information on the drug cartel going down. This is specifically interesting to me because the book I had just finished reading, My Colombian War, is very much a part of this fight. The FARC had taken these hostages for nearly 6 years! It was an amazing story of survival and not just because of the connection I was able to make. I thought, therefore, that I would pass this information on to my followers. lol, I have none as of yet... but I am going to stay positive thinking that there are other people out there who like this kind of stuff.

Because I do not know exactly how to link a site to this blog, and also because I am not sure if a link would even exist, I am going to have to hope that you are able to find the episode. (I am going to try, but am about 99.99% sure I will fail regardless.)

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter. I know, the agnostic celebrating Easter seems a little absurd, but it is not the religious connection that draws me in. Rather it is the family time that comes from it all. I do not discount the biblical history of Easter, I do believe Jesus existed and that this time of the year holds great significance for the Christian religion.

Before I get too involved in talking about something I am very much a minority for/against, I will reiterate my blessings to have a wonderful Easter and a beautiful Spring-like week!

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  1. Peeps you need to sign up for Bloglovin because Google Reader, i.e. the only way for people to follow your blog as of now, is going away. Also, we need to get you a "follow by email" widget. I'll show you.

    I had so much fun at Easter! Love hanging out with family!