Thursday, April 11, 2013

Go Listen to "Never Too Late" by Three Days Grace. No Seriously, Go...

... the reason that I say that is because that is the song I am listening to right now while I write. I enjoy writing while music plays in the background. In fact, music is essential in my life; I cook, clean, work, eat, write, etc while listening to music. I do recommend the Pandora channel I am listening to right now. It is Volbeat Radio and I am rocking out to it!

I had planned on visiting my sister yesterday and seeing if she could help me with the pics, but it did not happen. So, the good news is that she is going to help me... bad news is that it will not be today.

Unfortunately, I have not finished The Brothers Karamazov yet, either. It has been a more hectic day than I had anticipated. I am on page 486 and Dmitri is trying to get his pawned guns back from Pyotr Ilyitch. I really want to write more about this when I finish the book, though.

Instead, I want to focus on the chapter that was dedicated to Grushenka. As I was reading her conversation with Alyosha and Rakitin, I was able to get a much better grasp on who she is... before I had read too far into her, I thought that perhaps, just perhaps, she had been trying to "save" Katerina when she had openly humiliated her (I talked about it in this post). No, indeed she had never offered anything more than an onion to a beggar as she claims. That was an interesting little anecdote in itself.

I am right at the climax, I sense. I know I keep saying that, Dostoyevsky sure loves to stretch his plotlines. I am not complaining though, I just keep feeling it is going to start coming together and am surprised each time that Dostoyevsky branches off on to hone in on something/someone important. Perhaps I just need to stop being so easy to fool lol!

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