Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I Sense Katerina Ivanovna Might Be Significant

I know, you are reading that post title and probably saying "Duh." just as I did with A Religious Case Against Belief... obviously her name keeps popping up everywhere and no doubt Dmitri is bringing Alyosha in to some pretty messed up stuff!

Oh, I guess I should mention that as of right now, I am on page 154. This is when Alyosha has just arrived at his father's house and the servant Smerdyakov is talking about the possible impossibility of recanting Christ to save your life. Oh my, how I would have loved to be a part of that conversation, I have much to say about it.

Anyway, Katerina is just jumping off the page at me, every time I read about her. Even before this messed up bit with Dmitri, I knew she must be special. What says you, eh?

On a completely relevant and off-handed note... I love the name Katya! If I ever had a choice in a third daughter's name, I would probably pick it. It means "pure", which is a great attribute to have in my eyes. My first-born daughter has a Russian name as well. Anya means "gracious" and let me tell you something, she is very much that! Just as much as Emma, my second-born is "industrious" (I take it to mean intense, lol). Do you think that it is important to name your child something with a fitting meaning to who you want them to become?

Today has been beautiful and the entire time I have read has been outside. I hope everyone else has had such a chance (if they want, that is). Spring is such a gorgeous end to Winter!

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  1. Kaden means fighter (yes), Conner means wolf lover (kind of . . .) and Brielle means God is my strength. LOL I just had to look all of these up!