Tuesday, April 2, 2013

It's Getting Interesting

Yup, I am much further in The Brothers Karamazov than the previous book. At page 132, it is starting to get interesting. Right now, Dmitri and Alyosha are having an interesting conversation that I think holds great significance. I am not going to disclose what I had already read in the Introduction and Note From the Author- I am going to say, however, that if you do not want the entire plot spoiled that you should avoid reading them. I did not have this forwarning and did as I usually do, read all the pre-storyline chapters.

I still think that reading these parts of any book can be very useful. It is wonderful to get an idea of who the author is, where they are coming from, why the book was written, and above all perhaps, the credibility. I read a lot of non-fiction so this is why it is so critical for me. I don't want to look like a fool! lol. Also, you can get a lot more ideas of where to research through doing this.

Today is also my nephew, Conner's birthday. He is such a cool dude, he loves to read, too! I wish I could see him when the girls and I go down to my sister's later this evening (she is going to help me get the blog set up properly!), but he is with his father. I hope he is having a wonderful birthday regardless, I am sure he is! I know what he will be getting from his Auntie, though... books! Just gotta find out which ones are hip for the kiddos these days. ANy ideas/suggestions? He is going to be 8.

Hope everyone has a wonderful evening and I will check back in sooner than later with some more on The Brothers Karamazov.

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