Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Alas, I Am Only Halfway There

I had high expectations for myself when I wrote yesterday that I thought I would be able to finish The Brothers Karamazov. And, though I am impressed with how far along I am, I have a long way to go. Mind you, this novel is 940 pages long. As of right now, I am at page 412.

However! The entire section that I had just read in the last 24 hours-ish has been difficult for me to get into as much as I would like to. Not that I mean any offense to the wonderful, talented Dostoyevsky and his brilliance in including 47 pages of biographical on Father Zossima. There were some great themes expressed and just because it is overtly Christian and I am Agnostic does not mean that I did not enjoy reading those.

Like I had mentioned in the last post, suspense and I- we are not very good friends. Therefore, hats off to Dostoyevsky for keeping the reader in suspense again and postponing the climax! I am actually into Part Three which is entitled "Alyosha"... I think that we might be getting back in to the meat of things now lol. Perhaps I need just one more day and I really can succeed!

The day has not been a total loss so far in my goals, though. I have succeeded in quite a few chores; one of which included taking my SS Card so that I can begin substitute teaching for the school district. As of right now, I am not allowed to sub for anything that would normally require a B.A., but with only 3 semesters left, I am going to stay positive!

I thought that I would share some Russian artwork since I don't have any appropriate photos, but I am not sure how I can do that. So... if there ends up not being artwork this post, leave it with me for at least another day to add it- my sister can probably help me with that if I cannot figure it out.

Hope everyone is having a warm Spring day as I sit here in the crazy climate of "snowing with the sun out", "drop 55 degrees in hours", "gonna be in the high 50s tomorrow and warming for the rest of week" Colorado.

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  1. Come over and I'll show you how to add the photos!