Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Already not writing every day... lol. But. BUT. The reason is more that I am kind of blahing this book right now. The name of it is The Religious Case Against Belief and it is by James P. Carse.

So far I have read 59 pages in 2-3 days... that says a lot first off because I can usually read that much in an afternoon. It isn't so much that the book is "religious" (Christian-sided, I feel). I have no problem reading religious books as long as they are good (I have been agnostic/atheistic since I was a child) It is that in the 59 pages that I have read so far, the author has basically said the same thing over and over. And over. And over... What he repeats is his entire thesis- why belief isn't the same as religion. He uses examples from the French Revolution, the American Civil War, Martin Luther (heavily), and other well-known eras that help prove his case. However, it is the same conclusion each time. Martin Luther's abjuration, for instance, is used to illustrate how if Luther and Charles V had vocalized that both were equally capable of where/whom to place papal authority, then perhaps the entire Protestant/Catholic schism could have been avoided.

Um... duh... I'm sorry, I am not 1. Christian; 2. an expert in this area of history; But, seriously. Yes, we can all make a pretty safe hypothesis that the "belief" of who holds papal authority was the key point here. Period. Yes, it was that particular belief and yes, every other person (CHristian/Buddhist/Maoist/etc) is capable of coming to a different conclusion. Basically, I keep waiting on the punchline, but it is the same ancedote in different shoes every time.

So instead, I am going to write about how my 4 year old daughter has already picked out my next book for me to read. Can you believe that she chose The Brothers Karamozov by Fyodor Dostoyevsky?! That's my girl! Perhaps more shocking is that I haven't actually read it yet.

Thus, I am going to dive into Russian mid-19th century and back to some history that I am more familiar with! I have a feeling I will be much further than 59 pages by tomorrow to write again.

Maybe one day I will pick up The Religious Case again...

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